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About Word Alive!

Sam Into the DeepSo many battle daily to find time in the word. I believe that is because so many cannot see the benefit of making such an investment and I believe that is the case because so few get much out of their time in the Word.

I want to help you change that.

Time in the Word should pour encouragement and strength into your life, and wisdom that exaggerates your success in decisions.

I want you to love your time in the Word, to look forward to your time in the Word and to come away excited about what is going to change in your life because of your time in the Word. I want the word to come alive for you! The Word is living and powerful, so let’s learn how to turn that power on. Let’s see how to make time in the Word fun.

To help you do that I’m going to share with you on these topics:

  • How study and meditate on the Word so it becomes exciting.
  • How to tune in so your awesome Holy Spirit during Word time so your Teacher can turn on lightbulbs that blow your mind and rock your world
  • Connect with the presence of God during Word time
  • How to connect your time in the Word with victory in the battles of your life

You have a satisfaction guaranteed or I will give you a total refund! Hey, this is free anyway! So what have you got to lose, except your frustration over your Word time being dull and unproductive.

I can’t wait to hear questions from you and link with you to turn your Christian life around by turning around your time in the Word.


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