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About Running For The Prize

This blog is all about creating simple, biblical strategies that produce endurance and lead to victory.

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Creating strategies for endurance that lead to the prize

Life is demanding with schedules, deadlines, to-do lists and expectations with big dreams at stake.  Running for the prize is all about finding the endurance it takes to stay the course and win.

We’ve all heard the saying: Winners never quit and quitters never win. But what does it take to stay the course? Never quit is a tough finish line.

Lots of writers and speakers make a buck talking about how important it is to dream big, but dreams are only the appetizer in the full meal it takes to see the dream come true. Tell me about the less appealing morsels, like the carrots of education and broccoli of preparation. Tell me about the meat of sacrifice and the potatoes of hard work. With a lot at stake, I need the steak!  Show me the real path to the dessert, the dream come true, the prize at the end of my running.

Personally, I’m tired of all the motivational talks about dreaming. I don’t have any trouble dreaming.  I need someone to step up and get real with me about what it takes get the dream. I mean really, really real, not just sellable platitudes.  We would have less burnout and fewer drop outs if someone would tell the truth up front about how hard it’s going to be to stay the race and take the prize.  I want leaders to get in my face, look me in the eye and tell me how tough the course is. Don’t just give me the sugar high of “Have a big dream.” and send me home to find the full meal on my own.

Feed me the truth. Tell me about the long hours and the sacrifice and the personal and professional growth the prize is going to require. Tell me how to endure the failures, how to take the resistance and the setbacks and use them to transform my impossible into a highly probable.

Tell me where to get the wisdom and endurance I need to survive, to thrive and to win!

I want someone to step up and tell me where to go to get the endurance, the strength to keep going when the demands are high and the finish line seems impossible. That’s exactly what I’m going to do for you in this blog. Together with the 5:50 Club leaders we are going to create strategies that produce endurance and lead to victory and hand it to you free of charge, because your victory is our victory.

I’m going to be honest with you up front. If you are not interested in the spiritual heart of success, then this blog isn’t for you. I believe you can’t do it without faith, without the wisdom and knowledge of the Word and without a personal relationship with God, through Jesus, and without a working knowledge of your most valuable and powerful partner, the Holy Spirit.

This blog is all about tapping into a spiritual well of encouragement that leads to rest, and rejuvenation during the race. Its all about opening up to a spiritual experience, a connection that produces the endurance you need to keep going, to win, to get your prize.

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Run For The Prize blogger, author, producer Samuel Lee Bowman